If you regularly have visitors coming and going in your office then you need to have a visitor or guest book in which they can log their presence.

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It may not seem like a big deal, but such a thing can make a big difference to the efficiency of your business, as well as helping to improve safety. Unsure of what we mean? Here’s why you need a guest or visitor book in your office…

Fire Safety

Ensuring employees and visitors are safe in the event of a fire is incredibly important, and a visitors book can actually help in that regard.

If the fire alarm goes off and you have to evacuate the building, you should be able to have a role call and locate everyone who was supposed to be in the building.

Only through logging when visitors come and go is this really possible. By getting them to sign in and out, you can quickly see who should and shouldn’t be there.

This will help you to stay compliant with fire safety regulations at work.

Keeping track of equipment

If a visitor is using a particular piece of your equipment when visiting, whether onsite or offsite, a guest book can help you keep a record of who has borrowed what.

You then know what each person should be returning so you can tick it off, ensuring you have accounted for all your kit.

Leaving company reviews

Some businesses have a guest book on their front desk or on a coffee table so that customers can leave reviews of their services or products - a bit like hotels do.

This can be a great way of getting feedback from customers, and if the reviews are positive, it looks good when other visitors read it too. And to be honest, no-one is likely to so obviously leave a bad review - they’ll save that for online!

Better security

In a similar way to improving fire safety, having a visitor book can also help improve security at work.

Keeping a log of everyone who should be in the building or your office can help you quickly identify if someone is there who shouldn’t be. This is more of an advantage in larger buildings where it’s not automatically obvious if someone is an employee or not.

Planning and reference

If you keep a record of all your visitors, then you’ve got a permanent reference point of who you saw and when.

This can be incredibly useful in planning future meetings or when reporting on who you’ve spoken to, whether that’s for job interviews, customer meetings or just about anything else.

Visitor & guest book products

Here at JFK, we have a range of visitor books and refills to choose from, so you can improve the efficiency, security and safety of your business.

We have different size books depending on how much you think you’ll fill it, which also come with visitor passes. We also have both hard back and softback visitor books.

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You may also need a couple of other ID products to go with your visitor book to really get the most out of it. You should think about some way of displaying the visitor passes, whether that be lanyards, grip clips or card inserts.

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