Most companies and businesses have some form of displays up on the wall. Whether it’s fire regulations in an office or classroom resources in a school, it’s not uncommon to see many a document adorn the walls of a business.

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Many displays are just printed out and pinned or stuck to the wall, but by using a lamination machine, you’re adding a whole heap of benefits they wouldn’t otherwise have. Here are just a few of those benefits…

Important info remains on show

A lot of offices put important signs, warnings and displays up on the walls, so it’s vital these are protected so the information contained on them is preserved.

Fire evacuation details need to be clearly displayed so workers know what to do in the event of an emergency, whilst kitchens may be required to display health and hygiene certificates in case of an inspection.

If the documents are not laminated then they could easily become damaged or marked, making this important information more difficult to read. Taking a few moments to run them through a laminating machine, however, and they’re preserved for much, much longer.

They look neater

As well as ensuring the information on your wall displays or documents is legible, laminating also makes everything look nice and neat.

Standard paper displays can become tatty and unkempt, which doesn’t give the best impression to your employees or anyone visiting your office or school.

By laminating them, you can ensure a much neater wall display that will stay that way.

You can write on them

One of the best reasons to laminate your wall displays and documents is that you can write on them using non-permanent markers or OHP pens.

In an office this may be important if you need to fill in the name of a first aider or fire officer at your place of work or an important phone number, etc. Should this information change then you can simply wipe it off and update it rather than having to print it all off again.

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If you’re a teacher then you probably already know the value of a good laminator as it means you don’t have to churn out endless resources. You can get the children to write onto the laminated pictures or paper so they can be reused, saving you money on paper and ink.

They can be stuck straight on the wall

Are your walls covered in pin holes or bits of Blu-Tack you can’t get off? If you choose sticky back laminating pouches, then all that will be a thing of the past. Once you’ve laminated your document, simply peel off the backing and stick it to the wall. Job done.

See our full range of lamination machines and get your wall displays looking great and lasting longer.