Reprographics Services

Reprographics allow you to recreate graphics in the original size, or scale them smaller or larger depending on your needs. These images can then be used for marketing purposes, on posters or billboards, or be replicated into brochures and magazines.

With reprographics, you can also print large quantities of documents for businesses and organisations, as well as use photocopying and printers to create more complex documents like pamphlets, brochures and manuals.

What is Reprographics?

Simply put, reprographics, or reprography, is the reproduction of graphics through means such as electrical or mechanical, like a printing press or printer.

Some common examples of reprographics includes:

  • Instruction booklets
  • Decorative posters
  • Event banners
  • Property brochures
  • Safety signs

Reprographics is also useful for students and staff, as it allows them to create lesson plans, worksheets for students, graphics for presentations and coursework materials.

For businesses, reprography allows you to print business cards for your company, produce content for your clients, or create branded marketing materials.

And it’s not just the professional world that uses reprographics - hobbyists can also make use of it. Depending on your type of business, you can make personalised greetings cards, postcards, magazines, newsletters, and labels. The simplicity of reprographics also means that you can reproduce one design over and over again - saving you time and money.

At JFK Binding, we can provide you with all the equipment you’ll need for finishing and binding A4 and A5 booklets. These are commonly used for thesis or dissertation binding. We also stock materials for top quality comb binding, wire binding, ring binding, stapling, cutting by guillotine, folding, and trimming.

We also offer the necessary kit to properly bind your report, as well as help you to produce flyers or large format posters for your degree show or roll-up banners for your exhibition. 

We also offer the right tools and materials allowing you to produce:

  • Laminated work from I.D. up to A2 size (gloss & matt)
  • Copying in black and white or colour up to A3 Size
  • Printing in black and white or colour
  • Scanning single and multiple page documents to PDF, TIFF, JPEG up to A3 size

Whatever you need, JFK Binding can help you produce quality materials that you will be proud to display alongside your brand.

Browse through the site or get in touch with us direct and we can help you find the right tools for your reprographics job.