If you’re opening or moving into a new office then there are a million and one different things to think about, but one of the most important is the security aspect.

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Obviously you need locks on your doors, alarms, maybe even security cameras, but what other security measures, accessories or supplies should you be thinking about when you open the doors to your new office?

We’ve got some ideas…

Fobs & key cards

You can’t just have anyone off the street wandering into your office, so it’s important that only those with authorised access can get in.

One way of doing this is by giving all staff a fob or key card so that they can let themselves in and out of the room or building but the door will then lock behind them.

We sell magnetic ID cards that do this very job, so you can ensure only your staff can get into your office. You can also use fobs to restrict access to certain rooms within your office, such as your server room if you have one, to improve security further.

ID cards

In a similar way to fobs and key cards, ID cards can help ensure only those with authorised access can get into your office.

Most offices probably won’t issue ID cards to their staff, but they may well decide to give them out to visitors in order to prove they’re allowed on the premises.

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Organisations that require extra higher levels of security, such as hospitals and schools, may also benefit from using ID cards either for all staff or just for visitors.

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If you’re going to use ID cards in any way then it makes sense to use lanyards as well in order to clearly display the ID at all times, allowing you to see at a glance who a person is and why they’re in your office.

There are various different types of lanyard and ID clips available, all of which would do the job perfectly well, including regular neck lanyards, badge reels and grip clips.

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Visitor books

When visitors are coming to your office, it’s important that you have a guest book so they can sign in and sign out.

Not only does this help with fire regulations, but also with security as you’re easily able to check who should and shouldn’t be in your office. A visitor book is particularly handy in office blocks where there are several companies operating.

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Should the worst happen and something gets stolen or an incident happens then you should be able to easily check who was in the building and when.

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Cyber security

As well as physical security, you also need to think about cyber security, particularly if you do a lot of work on the internet.

Your intellectual property, client/customer records and other sensitive information needs to be kept secure or it could easily fall into the wrong hands.

Make sure you install antivirus software, keep the most important information encrypted and have a strict cyber security policy so your staff know what they can and can’t do online.

Find out more about how to improve cyber security at work.

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