For many businesses and organisations, having clear signage visible for customers and clients is vital. For health and safety, client information, fire safety, and a multitude of other reasons, there are some things you want clearly displayed within your building.

But what do you do when there’s not always a suitable surface for hanging frames?

Durable Duraframe Self Adhesive

For those who need information visible from all angles, take a look at the fantastic Duraframe Self Adhesive frame.

Available in A4 and A3 sizes, this adhesive frame is transparent on both sides, so you can display information front and back. This makes the Duraframe Self Adhesive frame perfect for displaying information on glass and windows.

The clear plastic window keeps everything clean and visible, and any marks can be easily wiped away with a damp cloth.

Durable Duraframe GRIP

With the Duraframe Grip, you can quickly swap out the inserts thanks to the handy magnetic frame, so there’s no messing around with frame clips or screws. It’s all so clean and quick, with no residue or stickiness transferring onto your documents.

The hook and loop attachment on the reverse of the frame makes it perfect for displaying documents on textile surfaces such as fabric panels, partition walls and acoustic panels. The magnetic frame is also sturdy enough to hold your documents straight and in place, but flexible enough to make it really easy to swap the papers.

When you need important signage up in a hurry, Duraframe display frames are exactly what you need. Order yours at JFK Binding for quick and reliable online delivery.