Whilst it may be the frontline of hospitals, doctors surgeries and other medical institutions in the spotlight, it’s absolutely vital that the offices behind the scenes are run as efficiently as possible.

It may sound like hyperbole, but without adequate organisation in the offices, the entire system could falter. Aside from your general stationery that every office should have, here are some of the most important office supplies for hospital and medical staff that can help everything run that little bit smoother.

ID Cards & Lanyards

Trust is a huge part of patient care, so it’s important that anyone working in a medical profession of any sort carries the requisite identification. Even those working in the offices should carry ID so they can quickly and easily show who they are and that they are authorised to work in the building.

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If the ID cards need to be displayed at all times, as is often the case, then lanyards are also essential. These lanyards can also be branded with your organisation’s name or logo to offer extra authenticity to your ID - we also stock NHS lanyards.   If you don't want to wear a lanyard to display your id card you could always use a strap clip.

There are various other ID card holders available, so check out all of our ID accessories to find what you need.

Diaries & Appointment Books

As we mentioned, so much is done with computers these days, but there are still places who use good ol’ pen and paper to record patient appointments and notes. It can also be handy to keep some physical records in case of a computer malfunction.

Medical Binders, Filing & Labels

Every company needs to be organised, and hospitals and doctors are no different. In fact, with such sensitive information, organisation is arguably even more important. A lot of information is now stored on computers, but there is still a requirement for paper copies and documents, and so it’s vital they’re organised effectively.

Keep documents stored in their correct folders to ensure they’re easy to find at short notice, and that they don’t get mixed up with other documents. If there is information that needs to be kept together (employee handbooks, for instance), then binding is a good way of doing so.

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You’ll also need to make sure everything is correctly labelled, again so you can quickly and easily pull the information you need. We stock a wide variety of labels perfect for any office.

Trolleys & Carts

It’s common for patient files to be regularly transported around, particularly in hospitals. Whilst carrying one file from A to B is easy enough, if you have several to take with you, then you need to use a binder trolley or cart. This will save a huge amount of time, meaning you can take files to various departments around the hospital with ease.

Office Cleaning Products

It’s always nice to have a clean office, but when it comes to hospitals and doctors surgeries, it’s not difficult to see why cleanliness is so important.

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Hand sanitiser is pretty commonplace in hospitals and surgeries, but there are various other products you can use to keep the office clean and hygienic, including sanitising wipes and computer cleaning items.

Computer Ink

When printing off patient appointments and referral forms, the last thing you want to do is run out of ink in the printer - the same goes for paper! Therefore, having a constant supply is essential. Make sure someone knows how to change the cartridges too!

If you work in an office in a hospital, doctors surgery or other medical organisation and would like to discuss the office supplies you need, please get in touch.