As with most things in life, you can spend a fair bit of money on binding if you want to.

We won’t sugarcoat it - some binding machines can get quite pricey (although ours are great value, obviously), and if you’re on a strict budget, you may think you’re being priced out of professional looking binding.

Well that’s not necessarily the case. If you’ve not got a massive amount of cash to play with then there are still plenty of options available to you if you want great looking binding.

NOTE: If you're doing a significant amount of paper binding, or want it to an exceptional quality, then we'd always recommend paying that bit more for a higher quality machine.

Doing it yourself

There are numerous fantastic print shops around the country that will bind your documents for you, and they’ll do a great job of it. However, it’s probably cheaper to do it yourself if you know what you’re doing.

Granted, you may have to shell out initially for a binding machine, binding covers, etc, but in the long run, it’ll probably end up cheaper if you do a bit of DIY binding. Plus, you can do it whenever you want, rather than having to go to a print shop.

Budget Binding Machines

If you want to buy your own binding machine, then there are a number of budget options available to you. Take this comb binding machine, for instance.

Now you can pay upwards of a grand for comb binding machines if you want something a little higher quality, but this one will still do a fantastic job and is a fraction of the price. The comb binding rings you use with the machine are also incredibly affordable.

The same goes for wire binding and thermal binding too - you can pay more if you want a more versatile or feature packed machine, but if you’re happy with a basic machine, then there are cheap options to choose from.

Slide Binders

Slide binders are one of the most cost effective forms of binding there is. They’re just long, thin plastic grips that clasp over your documents and keep them together, but they’re incredibly effective.

You can quickly fit them over your material in a matter of moments, and one of the best things about them is how easy it is to add or remove pages - just slide the paper out, add or remove the necessary pages, and pop it back in again. You can also buy A4 slide binders depending on how big your documents are.

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Binding Screws & Rings

Another very simple and cost effective binding solution is binding screws or rings. Just punch a hole in the paper and fix the rings or screws through to secure all your material together.

One of the great things about binding screws and rings is that they’ve very unobtrusive, so once they’re attached, they take up very little room and allow you to see almost all of your documents.

Again, they’re available in various sizes depending on how many pages you’re binding together, and you can easily add and remove pages as you need to, and then just reattach the screw or ring.

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