There are times when we're all in need of a bit of motivation in our work lives. Sometimes we can feel the creativity and productivity flowing through us like a river, but then we can also go through slumps when no matter how hard we try, we can't seem to muster the motivation we need.

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That's where we need a little helping hand, and a good way of rediscovering your verve is to take the lead from others. Fortunately, there are plenty of business and productivity blogs out there to help give you a bit of a pick me up, provide you with some essential tips on how to run the office or get your work done effectively, and even just bring you up to speed with the latest industry news.

However, it can be time-consuming to dig out all those sites, so we've done the hard work for you and listed some of the best business and productivity blogs out there right now...

Talk Business Magazine - 'For the entrepreneur, by the entrepreneur' says the tagline, and there's plenty of great articles for those who run their own business, but there's plenty for just about everyone, including articles on technology, time management, finance, and more.

Pick The Brain - The articles on Pick The Brain are less business focused and more about you as person, how to look after yourself and improve your mental and physical wellbeing, which is great for your personal and professional life.

Think Productive - Funnily enough, Think Productive's blog is all about being, erm, productive! They have loads of great posts about how to maximise your time at work and get the most out of the day.

Flipping Heck - As well as some superb articles on productivity, Flipping Heck also has some great materials you can download for free, such as planners and desktop wallpapers.

MI Business Mag - There's all sorts on here, from some great Q&As to motivational posts, and even advice on office toilet etiquette!

Business Green - As the name suggests, there is a 'green' angle to the content on Business Green, enabling you to keep up to date with the latest environmental business news in the UK and around the world.

Business Grapevine - A mix of advice, news, opinion pieces, and lighthearted posts, Business Grapevine has pretty much all bases covered, so is an excellent site for all-round business content.

Evil HR Lady - Some of us may know an 'evil' HR lady from work, but this one isn't all that bad really, sharing some excellent articles on workplace HR and processes.

Recruitment Buzz - Recruitment is serious business - from both sides of the interview table. So whether you're looking for a new job or recruiting for new staff, this blog has lots of helpful advice.

Graduate Guide - It can be tough for students and graduates to know what they want to do when the leave, especially in today's employment climate. The graduate guide has a plethora of handy resources, as well as help on choosing the right uni in the first place.

Fresh Business Thinking - Fresh Business Thinking is an absolute must for anyone with even a passing interest in what's going on in the business world, from UK news to that overseas, covering just about all angles and topics.

Workplace Insight - When it comes to managing the workplace and those who use it, there's just a ridiculous amount to talk about, and Workplace Insight does a great job of covering most of it, from office playlists to the global economy.

Small Business Heroes - Not all small business heroes wear capes, but this site has some truly great articles ideal for those setting up a small business.

Life Goals Mag - This site is more than just your regular business or productivity website, covering a variety of wellbeing topics that can help you just as much out of the office as in it.

Productivityist - The clue is in the name with this site, focusing on productivity and getting more from your day, although there's plenty of other business-related blogs on there as well.

Small Business Bonfire - Another site well worth a read for SME owners and managers. Included articles on marketing, cybersecurity, branding, and more.

My Customer - If you run a business, then you should always have your customers at the forefront of your mind, and that's exactly what My Customer does, so is well worth a look if you need to reconnect with your customers.

99u - The peculiarly titled 99u is all for creatives, so is a great resources for writers and designers of all types, and you can also order a hard copy of the magazine for your office too.

Dumb Little Man - There's nothing dumb about Dumb Little Man, with loads of great articles about how to improve your personal and professional life.

Time Management Ninja - Your time is precious, so if you want to know how to manage it better so you have more of it during your working day (and in your free time), then this site has lots of helpful advice.

Barking Up The Wrong Tree - This blog might not be a looker, but it's got some fantastic articles, including tips from a bomb disposal expert on how to keep calm under pressure!

Michael Hyatt - Michael Hyatt is all about winning at work and succeeding at life, which is something we all aspire to do! There are all sorts of great posts focusing around both work and life, and is therefore well worth a read.

Scoro - Scoro make project management software, so it should come as no surprise that their blog features some great advice on how to be better at what you do at work in terms of productivity, time management and the processes you use.

Unsettle - Unsettle is a great site with articles that should prove useful for just about everyone. Includes articles marketing strategy, the best apps to download, podcasting, and much more.

The Undercover Recruiter - As you might expect, recruitment is a big focus on the Undercover Recruiter - from the perspective of the recruiter and the job seeker - but there's also a wealth of other advice that office workers will benefit from.

The Muse - The Muse is all about career advice, so if you're hankering for a new job and want some top tips on everything from social media to covering letters, have a read of this one.

Science of Us - There's not so much a strict business or productivity focus on Science Of Us, just a collection of fascinating articles that will have you clicking from one to the other, and before you know it an hour's gone past! - Lifehack might already be on your reading list as it's a pretty well known site, but if not then it's definitely worth reading for its huge resource of life tips and advice.

All Business -  While All Business does indeed have some great information for all business and business owners, it's small businesses that will get the most out of it, with tips on employee retention, setting up social media profiles, networking, and more.

Copyblogger - For anyone with any kind of interest in writing or content marketing, then Copyblogger's blog is absolutely essential reading. Brilliantly written as you'd expect, there is everything a writer could want to know.

Birds on the Blog - Aimed at business women, Birds on the Blog is a fantastic motivational resource for women in the world of work, and has a real personal feel to it, making it feel much more relatable.

Work Essence -  Work Essence aims to help us understand the concept of work a little more, why we do it, and how we can be better at it.

Have we missed any great productivity or business blogs off the list? If so, let us know in the comments!